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Chairman's Speech

Learn from those better than ourselves   Innovate and take off afterward 

Taienkang has grown in the golden age, in the wave of economic globalization and China’s reform and opening up.  It has rooted in the Great China pharmaceutical market and implemented the strategic principle of "One Main Line, Going Out, Bring In", vowing to stand the forefront of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry.

“Without full-scale consideration, simple action is impracticable. Without long-term strategy, short-term achievement is impracticable.” 

The growth of the enterprise is a gradual process, the ancients said, "Without full-scale consideration, simple action is impracticable.  Without long-term strategy, short-term achievement is impracticable", the layout determines the result, a successful layout must be inseparable from the correct understanding of the future situation.  We believe that the development of China’s pharmaceutical industry is extremely rapid, diversified market channels, guided by the market demand for R&D innovation, production implementation, through diversified sales channels the results will be used as the clinical treatment to protect people’s health and produce direct economic benefits in the future trends.

Since the establishment of Taienkang from 1999 till now, we have conformed to the development trend of China’s medicine and built a national marketing network based on the actual situation to seize the opportunity, cut into the pharmaceutical production industry, R&D field, and layout the overall arrangement gradually.  The industry covers the production and R&D of internal and external used preparations, medical supplies and pretreatment of traditional Chinese medicine, marketing of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical products and medical devices, e-commerce platform, and pharmaceutical R&D center.  By now, Taienkang has become an innovative comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise integrating ’’Research, Production and Marketing’’. 

“Innovation helps to take off”

Innovation is the wings of the enterprises’ take-off.  Taienkang will base on the basis of the preliminary layout in the future, make full use of the benefit from landing on ChiNext (China Growth Enterprise Market), take innovation as the core development, continue to deeply cultivate the pharmaceutical industry. It will turn high barrier marketing promotion to its advantage and optimize specific promotion way of different product due to their characters. What’s more, it will strengthen the cooperation with large e-commerce platforms to achieve the integrated growth of sales through various channels and promote the enterprise to become stronger, better and bigger.

In addition to enhancing independent research and innovation, we will also build an open platform for innovation sharing, make full use of the company’s capital, production and sales advantages.  We rapidly transform research and development achievements to achieve a win-win situation under the cooperation with worldwide research institutions, colleges and universities.  We look forward to make contribution to China’s medical research and development with outstanding scientific researchers.

In the future, Taienkang’s development will link tight with most investors’ interests, so we look forward to more help and support from everyone.  We will also use the capital market as a higher and broader platform, strive to create more excellent achievements to return the trust from the majority of investors and give back to the society!


Chairman of Taienkang

Deputy to the National People’s Congress of Shantou City

Vice President of Federation of Industry and Commerce, Longhu District, Shantou City

President of Go-chess Association, Shantou City



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